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Making Our Political Endorsements in 2010

After last year’s fun and successful debut of endorsements for candidates running for political office, we’re excited to get the ol’ Endorsement Committee up and running again. We’ve already invited New York State candidates to participate in our 2010 endorsement process. Candidates for the state Senate, Assembly, and Attorney General races will have the opportunity to complete a candidate questionnaire and sit for an interview with Freelancers Union members and staff. The ones who support freelancer issues, from help collecting unpaid wages to support during periods of unemployment, will receive our endorsement in August. Last year, thanks to the powerful outpour of support from members, the Freelancers Union Political Action Committee distributed $12,500 to candidates, mobilized hundreds of members to volunteer on campaigns, and turned out thousands of voters in support of endorsed candidates. If you’re a member who would like to participate in our endorsement interviews, taking place in our Brooklyn offices from July 19-29, sign up here. (If you are a New York State candidate reading our blog, and you’re interested in receiving our endorsement, you’re off to a good start! For more information, please contact