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Need a New Work Environment?

h Do you do a lot of work from home or your local coffee shop? Have you noticed that your PJs are looking a little worn out because you’re wearing them night and day? Does your local coffee barista know your name, laptop type, and that you need to drink at least three grande, decaf, nonfat vanilla lattes a day? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should mix things up a little bit and try a new work environment. Co-working facilities provide a venue in which you can network, collaborate, and share ideas and experiences with other freelancers. We’re happy to announce that the Hive at 55 in NYC is now officially one of the co-working facilities in our discount program. Our members receive 20% off part-time, full-time, and off-peak membership rates for their first three months of membership at the Hive at 55. Check it out.