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Attention Massachusetts Freelancers

Will you no longer be able to do independent work in the state of Massachusetts? According to an organized group of freelancers in the state, a new law could make it impossible for you to be hired as a freelancer. Misclassification of true employees as independent contractors results in a loss of benefits and protections, from health insurance to unemployment insurance, for the individual. However, there is a clear place for independent contractors in the new, mobile workforce [pdf], and they should not be wrongly classified as employees either. (For a quick overview of employees vs. contractors, check out the Small Business Administration website.) The proper classification of all workers is necessary, but will this proposal be at the cost of true independent contractors? Find out more about this Massachusetts proposal and take action. While Freelancers Union continues to grow, we can’t be everywhere at once, so we’re thankful to our members who help advocate for the greater freelance workforce and bring specific issues like these to our attention (thanks, Erin!). We welcome your input here, on our blog, as well as through the “Issues That Affect the Independent Workforce” forum thread.