What’s Your Declaration of Independence?

Jul 7, 2009

I recently came across A Freelance Writer’s Declaration of Independence, which primarily focused on joining together “with the likes of mind” to achieve freedom from the “tyranny” of unfairly low pay. Of course, nothing makes us happier than seeing workers come together to create a better, fairer labor force, but I think they’ll needs lots of luck to stay free in the face of hordes of college English majors looking to get their feet wet in the writing world. (Does that make the English majors . . . Tories?) With the recent 4th of July celebrations, perhaps you’ve been thinking about your own independence as a worker. What did you have to do to become independent? Buck off oppression? Prove you could make it out there on your own? Fight unfair taxation? (UBTea party, anyone?) And do you have a declaration of independence? Principles by which you live your independent-worker’s life?