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Is UBT victory near? Assembly passes bill to provide tax relief to NY freelancers

We are thisclose to victory in one of our biggest political campaigns ever! This week, the New York State Assembly passed A8615, which would provide tax relief to 17,000 New York sole proprietors, LLCs, and partnerships that currently pay the Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT). Those unincorporated entities earning less than $100,000 would no longer have to pay the tax, and a partial credit would be provided to those earning up to $150,000. Thousands of dollars a year for thousands of freelancers are at stake. Now, we need the Senate to get on board and pass S5519. And, if you’ve been watching the news, you know the Senate has kind of been a bit preoccupied this past week . . . Please help us make a big final push! The end of session is on June 22, so please take a minute right now to urge your senator to support this legislation. It's now or never!