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Freelancers Union in 3 words

Word CloudHere at Freelancers Union’s business development HQ, we’re experimenting with new ways to gather input from our members. We've recently asked members to join the Product Test Team, and agree to take surveys, sit in on focus groups, and participate in in-depth interviews about new products that we may launch or improvements on our existing benefits. About 600 of you did so, and if this sounds like something you'd like to do, you can still sign up. On the sign-up form, we asked members to describe in three words or less what they thought of Freelancers Union. I then took the responses and put them into a Word Cloud, with help from the great web tool wordle. The more times a word was mentioned, the larger it appears in the cloud. I filtered out the words “freelance,” “freelancer,” and “freelancers,” as well as common English words like “the,” “a,” “and,” etc. Everything else is straight from the keyboards of members.