Protect your work with our new contract builder

A contract is the foundation of a good working relationship. However, too often freelancers work without one. Working without a clear agreement can lead to issues down the road including…


Wolf in sheep's clothing: National Right to Work legislation threatens unions

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." - Matthew, 7:15 Do you live in a “Right to Work” state?…


6 journalists, 2 freelancers, arrested at inauguration protests

Among those detained were 6 journalists – including freelancers Aaron Cantu and Matt Hopard.


How political activism cultivates hope and initiates change

500,000 people arrived in Washington D.C. to march on January 21. Across the world, hundreds of others Women’s Marches were planned in solidarity. Regardless of where one…


Calling NYC lawyers who represent freelance workers

We want to talk to lawyers in the NYC area about a legal service for freelancers. Specifically, we want to help freelancers with nonpayment claims and other business issues (i.…


Uncovering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s lost Labor legacy

This past week has been a time of reflection and service. Like many Americans, I paused to think about the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I…


Do unions need to evolve to survive the next 4 years?

Since the 1980's, private sector unions have been on a steep decline: For every private-sector union member, there are five more workers who have no legal right to representation. In…


Freelancing and the next 4 years

Freelancing under the Trump presidency may mean more opportunities, but fewer protections. In his Fast Company article, freelance journalist Jared Lindzon cites the possibility that conservative policies favoring lower taxes,…


Looking back on 2016, an historical year for freelancers

2016 has been an historical year for the freelance workforce. In the city of New York, we came together to pass landmark legislation to help freelancers get paid on time…


Freelancers Union and New York Federal Reserve hold special convening on the Evolution of Work

On Thursday, November 17, Freelancers Union, in partnership with the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors and the NY Fed, launched Evolution of Work—a special gathering of business and…


Getty Images/iStock to slash freelance royalties by up to 93%

Getty Images has announced a huge reduction in the royalties it will pay to thousands of freelance photographers and illustrators. In an email to its freelance contributors, Getty announced that…


Hack the Union talks the passage of Freelance Isn't Free

Last Friday, November 11, Freelancers Union's Director of Member Engagement, Caitlin Pearce spoke with Future of Work Campaigns Director for the National Guestworkers Alliance, Kati Sipp, about the unanimous passage…

Creativity Advocacy

What does it mean to be a creative freelancer in post-election America?

“Art is the chalice into which we pour the wine of transcendence.” -Stanley Kunitz


Mayor de Blasio signs Freelance Isn't Free Act into Law

Yesterday, November 16, 2016, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City signed the Freelance Isn't Free Act into law. This starts the clock on a 180 day countdown until…

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Now, more than ever, freelancers must stand together

If there’s one thing we deeply know now, major changes are afoot. Many of us are worried for ourselves, for the people we love and for the people we…

Health Advocacy

Freelancers don't get paid sick days – but it doesn't have to be that way

In the United States, unlike in many other countries, workers are not guaranteed paid sick days. While many jobs provide paid time off for employees who are sick or need…

Health Advocacy

What to do about health care? The conversation on both sides of the aisle

Access to quality, affordable health insurance has always been a headline issue for independent workers. In our report, Freelancing in America 2016, we found that despite the Affordable Care Act’…

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The system is kinda f@#ked – but you shouldn't be.

Health insurance open enrollment has arrived. This year, our experts have selected their favorite plans for freelancers, with new helpful guides and new carriers to help you save money in…

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5 ways NYC freelancers got the Freelance Isn't Free Act passed

For most of us, a new law is just something that appears one day – in the news, on a neighborhood notification board, or on your desk as just another form…

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Freelance Isn't Free and the future of freelancing

October 27th, 2016 signifies a landmark victory for the nation’s 55 million freelance workers: The New York City Council passed The Freelance Isn’t Free Act, which extends unprecedented…