Health Advocacy

Freelancers need better benefits

In our 4th annual survey of the independent workforce, freelancers expressed a desire for better portable benefits.

Health Advocacy

What freelancers need to know about Trump’s actions on ObamaCare

Trump’s new executive orders could fall hard on independent workers. Here’s what you need to know.


Watch out for this: Arbitration and your rights as a freelancer

Freelancers need to pay attention to forced arbitration. Anything that takes away your right to present your case in court is problematic.


Freelancing in America 2017

Freelancing in America is the most comprehensive study of the independent workforce. This year, we look at the phenomenal growth of freelancing.

Advocacy Health

Health Insurance Open Enrollment is almost here!

Open Enrollment for health insurance starts on November 1. Sign up to learn more about health plans through Freelancers Union.

Community Advocacy

We're looking for a Blog and Social Media Strategist

Freelancers Union is looking for a freelance blog and social media strategist to help manage the growth of the leading blog for freelancers.


Has automation affected your business? We want to hear from you

Have you been forced to adapt to automation, artificial intelligence, or robots? Tell us your story.


Has the Freelance Isn’t Free Act helped you? We want to hear from you!

The Freelance Isn’t Free Act protects freelancers from nonpayment. We’d like to hear your story.


Join our focus groups on the ups and downs of a freelance lifestyle (and receive $30)

We're looking for experienced freelancers to join two focus groups on economic instability and freelance work.

Community Advocacy

What Labor Day means for freelancers

What would it look like if freelancers stood together like the workers who created Labor Day?


Etsy employees call for health insurance for sellers, standardized benefits, more transparency

Etsy employees have started a petition on asking the Board of Directors to clarify key company policies.

Advocacy Community

A new labor movement is brewing

Freelancers Union is at the center of a new movement that recognizes the challenges freelancers face in today's economy.

Advocacy Community

How to use the Freelancers Union app

Download the Freelancers Union app to find a lawyer who understands the freelance life.


More evidence that freelancers are stronger together

Freelancers are more powerful as a united community.


Recommend a lawyer for Freelancers Guild!

We're looking for a few good lawyers who care about freelancer rights and challenges.

Health Advocacy

How the Senate’s health care bill would impact freelancers

Curious about how the Senate healthcare bill would impact your health insurance? Here’s what you need to know.

Creativity Advocacy

Cornell is looking for creative freelancers

Cornell is starting a focus group to help shape its new resource center for young creative workers.


Why freelancing skills should be taught early

It's critical to prepare younger generations for the changing economy.


We’re hiring a Member Organizer!

Are you passionate about building a better future for freelancers? Apply to be our Member Organizer.