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The W-2 income trap: what freelancers lose by becoming employees

Many freelancers have been switched over to W-2 work for their most reliable gigs but have now lost the ability to deduct their expenses for that work.

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Freelancers, don’t let unpaid taxes halt your international travel

If you have more than $51,000 in unpaid taxes your passport may be in jeopardy due to new procedures implemented by the IRS.

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Wining and dining your freelance clients just got more expensive

How tax reform is taking a bite out of meal and entertainment expense deductions.

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How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impacts freelancers

The TCJA will impact you as a freelance professional. Here's how.

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Tired of funding your freelancing business out of pocket? Try this

Because a freelancer’s revenue or income may fluctuate, it is sometimes difficult to get access to cash from traditional lending sources. Here's one idea.

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S-Corps offer significant tax savings… But is this entity structure right for your freelance business?

While there are several business entity structures you can use for a freelance business, the S-corporation (S-corp) is worth considering.

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Net-30 is the Voldemort of freelance payment terms

You are not a bank, do not work on credit.

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A freelancer’s guide to surviving the holidays without going broke

It is possible for freelancers to have a fruitful end-of-year, keeping both your spirits (and your wallets) lifted.

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What freelancers need to know about the new tax bills

The House and Senate tax bills could have a major impact on freelancers’ finances.

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Are you undercharging? How to price your freelance writing gigs

Whether you use one pricing method or a combination, make sure you are fairly compensated and transparent with your clients.

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529 plans: They’re not just for kids!

You don’t need to be a parent or grandparent to reap the benefits of a 529 plan.

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The definitive guide to freelance payment terms

Understand these freelance payment terms to help make sure you get paid on time, every time.

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Getting a mortgage as a freelancer: 5 tips for hassle-free home-buying

It’s not impossible to get a mortgage as a freelancer, but there are a few extra hoops you might have to jump through to get there.

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5 tips for securing financial stability as a freelancer

Being independent doesn’t have to mean giving up financial security. Set up recurring payments and invest in business development to keep income flowing.

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Answers to tax questions every freelancer needs to know

Answers to some frequently asked questions about freelancing and taxes.

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What freelancers should know about pet insurance

Freelancers should consider these four questions before purchasing pet insurance.

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Share a photo of your pet for a chance to win $100 in pet supplies!

Celebrate freelancers’ best friends for a chance to win $100 to reward them with their favorite treats.

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Help protect your freelancer’s best friend with pet insurance

Be happy knowing your favorite co-worker is protected with pet insurance.

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5 money struggles every freelancer faces (and how to conquer them)

Don’t wait for New Years to make a resolution. Conquer your money struggles today.