Money & Taxes

Jan 14, 2020

Do you really need to file a tax return?

While many people are required to file a tax return, it’s a good idea for everyone to determine if they should file.

Jan 08, 2020

These deductions could trim your freelance taxes by 20% or more

The IRS plans will start accepting tax returns on January 27, so know these deductions before you file.

Jan 03, 2020

New tax rules may make your retirement savings more secure

The new year brings with it some important changes to retirement savings laws, which may impact your freelance taxes and retirement accounts. First, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increased…

Dec 26, 2019

5 creative ways to build your emergency fund

Do you have enough savings to cover your expenses for three months? Here's how to get there.

Dec 13, 2019

What to do before the tax year ends Dec. 31

Before holiday season gets in full swing, get ready for the upcoming tax filing season.