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Five money-saving tips for digital nomads heading to Europe

How freelancers can save money on travel, transaction fees, communication, and accommodation in Europe

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Breaking freelance tax news: the IRS lowers safe harbor threshold

The IRS is further lowering the "safe harbor" threshold for the waiver of penalty payments for estimated taxes.

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Know these tax exemptions, deductions, and credits before you file

If you still haven't filed your 2019 tax return, here's what to know about tax reform's impact on common freelancer exemptions, deductions, and credits.

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The Freelancers Union 2019 tax guide

We’ve put together everything freelancers need to know about 2019 taxes, from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s (tax reform) impact on deductions, and key filing dates, to how to handle W-2s and supplemental income.

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Know these tax reform facts before you file

Here's how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact your tax return this year.