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The definitive guide to freelance payment terms

Understand these freelance payment terms to help make sure you get paid on time, every time.

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Getting a mortgage as a freelancer: 5 tips for hassle-free home-buying

It’s not impossible to get a mortgage as a freelancer, but there are a few extra hoops you might have to jump through to get there.

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5 tips for securing financial stability as a freelancer

Being independent doesn’t have to mean giving up financial security. Set up recurring payments and invest in business development to keep income flowing.

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Answers to tax questions every freelancer needs to know

Answers to some frequently asked questions about freelancing and taxes.

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What freelancers should know about pet insurance

Freelancers should consider these four questions before purchasing pet insurance.

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Share a photo of your pet for a chance to win $100 in pet supplies!

Celebrate freelancers’ best friends for a chance to win $100 to reward them with their favorite treats.

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Help protect your freelancer’s best friend with pet insurance

Be happy knowing your favorite co-worker is protected with pet insurance.

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5 money struggles every freelancer faces (and how to conquer them)

Don’t wait for New Years to make a resolution. Conquer your money struggles today.

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4 tips for chasing payment

Chasing payment is a key survival skill for freelancers. Here are some tips.

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5 tips for making the most of your money as a freelancer

It’s important to make deliberate, meaningful decisions when it comes to saving.

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How to stop undervaluing your services and charge more

You are a business and your business clients can afford to pay you more.

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Looking for a new gig? Look for new tax deductions too

If you are looking for a new job, lighten your tax burden with tax deductions designed to mitigate the costs of job-seeking.

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Qapital App makes saving money the easiest part of freelancing

Use Qapital to save and spend your money on the things that matter most to you—and forget about the things that don't.

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Innocent mistakes can lead to big problems

Sometimes a mistake can lead to big problems for your freelance business. Here’s what you can do about it.

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Expanding your team? Use this checklist to prepare for expanding expenses

Hiring your first employee? This checklist can help you be fully prepared for the financial obligations that come with expanding your team.

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The work-from-home pitfall nobody talks about

Your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance typically doesn’t cover work-related accidents or damage to business equipment, and this could leave you exposed.

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Sick of getting dinged by the IRS? It’s time to use a freelance accounting software

Use a freelance accounting software to avoid costly mistakes on your tax returns.

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5 facts about freelancing that may surprise you

A new meta-study of freelancing reveals some surprising facts about independent workers.