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The unpredictable freelance life: expecting the unexpected

Preparing yourself ahead of time for an unexpected crisis can keep it from becoming too hot to handle.

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Passing for young-ish: Aging in the workplace

I was passed over time and again by companies interested in hiring younger employees, paying them less, and managing them more easily. Here's what I did.

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Give. Me. Mah. Mo-NAYYYY.

There are a lot of benefits to being an independent worker. Chasing money isn't one of them.

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Living and working abroad? Here’s what you need to know about filing your freelance taxes

Freelancing outside of the United States can be a wonderful experience but it is essential to know your tax obligations.

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Common myths that hold freelancers back from succeeding

Don't let these common freelancing myths hold you back.

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How to save time and money with expense tracking

Expense tracking can seem like a huge undertaking, but it can save you a lot of time, money, and effort when it comes time to file taxes.

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5 questions to help you define your brand

Here are five questions to help you figure out how to position yourself as a freelancer in order to get more clients.

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The 3 biggest mistakes that second career freelancers make

Before you launch your second career as a freelancer, learn from these three common mistakes.

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9 ways to thrive in a business famine

Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelance contractor, or in between jobs, there may be times when you find yourself in a business famine.

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How to get started with crowdfunding

Successful crowdfunding campaigns have some key elements in common.

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How a “marathon” mindset can help lower your freelance tax bill

Freelancers who have a “marathon” mindset tend to have the fittest and most successful businesses—and lower tax bills.

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Sara in the LA Times: We need tax reform for freelancers

Tax day is a painful moment for many Americans. And for freelancers, it’s even more painful still. Freelancers know they have to deal with tax chores that their nine-to-five,…

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Why automation is essential to any freelance career

Being a freelancer comes with a laundry list of business administrative duties. While you may have gotten into freelancing to focus on delivering your best work to clients, doing daily…

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Operating profit vs. working capital: Why you need to factor both into your business

If you’re planning to freelance full-time, following Jonathan Medows’ advice about “going rogue” is great. You definitely have to start with a business plan. You are, after all, starting…

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The final countdown: Tax deadlines you need to know now!

Now that we’re past the midpoint of March and most NCAA fans have their brackets selected, it’s time to face the looming tax deadlines ahead of you. “The…

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3 reasons why every freelancer should be using an invoice app

Most freelancers hate invoicing, but it doesn’t have to be so tedious. Here are three reasons why you should add an invoice app to your toolkit.

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How your business structure affects your taxes

Companies come in several flavors: sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership and more. The type of business entity you choose will have a huge effect both on how you pay taxes and…

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Updates to the 2017 Tax Code

Every year the tax code changes and for 2017, there are a number of important updates that may affect you and your freelance business. To help you get a handle…

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The best accounting software for freelancers in 2017

You probably chose your career path as a freelancer in order to pursue a passion—writing or design or IT consulting. Or, you might have started freelancing because it provided…