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What about retirement? Simple prep for freelancers

Planning for your future as a freelancer.

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Join us April 17 for a webinar on increasing your net worth!

Freelance life doesn’t have to be paycheck to paycheck.

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Working for free as a newbie: Is it ever worth it?

You can’t pay your bills with exposure and experience.

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4 steps for freelancers to choose the right credit card

Follow these simple steps to find a card that fits your needs based on how you spend your money.

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Must-have answers to your freelance tax FAQs

Knowing the basics will save you time and money.

Money & Taxes

3 compelling reasons you should pay more attention to your accounting

Keep track of your money to keep control of your business.

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How to keep your credit score stable as a freelancer

How to ensure your credit's stable when your income isn't.

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6 first-time homebuying tips for freelancers

Pro tips for freelancers looking to buy their first home.

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What are the benefits of forming an LLC?

Establishing yourself as a legal business entity is the next step in formalizing your freelance career.

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Tips for managing your money when your income is variable

Here are a few tips for managing the variable income that comes with freelancing

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Grab these 10 freelance tax deductions before they are gone

Take full advantage of the tax deductions and exemptions that will disappear or change after your 2017 tax return is filed.

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What freelancers need to know about taxes

Watch our webinar on Freelance tax tips and changes in the tax law in 2018.

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Got tax questions? Join us for a webinar with a tax expert on 2/27!

Unsure how the new tax law will affect you? RSVP for our webinar

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The W-2 income trap: what freelancers lose by becoming employees

Many freelancers have been switched over to W-2 work for their most reliable gigs but have now lost the ability to deduct their expenses for that work.

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Freelancers, don’t let unpaid taxes halt your international travel

If you have more than $51,000 in unpaid taxes your passport may be in jeopardy due to new procedures implemented by the IRS.

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Wining and dining your freelance clients just got more expensive

How tax reform is taking a bite out of meal and entertainment expense deductions.

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How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impacts freelancers

The TCJA will impact you as a freelance professional. Here's how.