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Why–and how–freelancers should be saving for retirement

Knowing what you want for retirement will help you clarify how to get there.

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How to get faster payments from your clients

Getting paid for the work you’ve done shouldn’t be stressful!

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5 financial lessons I wish I'd learned in college

Today is always a better time than tomorrow to start planning.

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Are you charging what you're worth?

Knowing the going rate in your field benefits everyone.

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The results are in: Freelance Isn’t Free has put a serious dent in client nonpayment

The year-old Freelance Isn’t Free law has already helped freelancers collect $254,866 in unpaid invoices, but more of us need to use it.

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Your guide to getting paid, courtesy of your union

Freelancers Union is launching new resources for freelancers across the country to help fight back against nonpayment.

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Fight back against nonpayment

Freelancers Union is launching new resources to educate freelancers about the #FreelanceIsntFree law.

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How to file a nonpayment claim with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

Freelancers in New York City have access to a dedicated Freelancer Navigation Program to help them with nonpayment disputes.

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How a new deduction could cut your tax bill by 20%

You may be able to lower your tax bill next year.

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Increase your net worth

Thanks to everyone who participated in our webinar, co-hosted by Alliant, on increasing your net worth! If you missed it, you can watch the full webinar here: The topics we…

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What about retirement? Simple prep for freelancers

Planning for your future as a freelancer.

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Join us April 17 for a webinar on increasing your net worth!

Freelance life doesn’t have to be paycheck to paycheck.

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Working for free as a newbie: Is it ever worth it?

You can’t pay your bills with exposure and experience.

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4 steps for freelancers to choose the right credit card

Follow these simple steps to find a card that fits your needs based on how you spend your money.

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Must-have answers to your freelance tax FAQs

Knowing the basics will save you time and money.

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3 compelling reasons you should pay more attention to your accounting

Keep track of your money to keep control of your business.