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6 ways to beat the feast or famine cycle for good

Beat the freelance feast or famine cycle by creating a pipeline with quality prospects.

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How to claim your share of $12 Billion in R&D tax credits

The government recently expanded its list of eligible industries for R&D credits, which means more freelancers can benefit.

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Run your business like a pro with these freelance task management tips

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Here are some battle-tested strategies for keeping your projects on deadline and your priorities in check.

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7 steps to planning for a vacation as a freelancer

Here are seven tips for making sure you have time to enjoy margaritas on the beach.

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How not to freelance: Or, why I finally admitted that I was a business owner

Believing I was a writer who just happened to get paid for doing what she loved undercut my ability to focus on financial success.

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What freelancers should consider when choosing a home

When choosing a home, freelancers need to think about issues that many buyers and real estate agents rarely consider.

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Eight common mistakes first-time freelancers make

Get off to a smooth start by avoiding these traps, pitfalls and misconceptions.

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Let’s talk about the "M" word

Because freelancers often enjoy certain levels of autonomy and independence, we are perfectly positioned to have more honest conversations about money.

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Freelancing and planning to have a child? Why you need disability insurance

Mothers are eligible to collect disability payments after having a child or if you are put on bed rest during pregnancy.

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Why freelancers need disability insurance

Disability insurance ensures that you’ll have income, even if you’re unable to work.

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What the President’s tax plan could mean for your freelance business

Changes in the tax code could alter how much you pay Uncle Sam every year. Here's what you need to know now.

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How to earn 2X more as a freelancer

Leaving your office job doesn't meaning making less money

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Wait ... I have to pay taxes in June?

Most freelancers don't pay their taxes correctly. Use these tips to stay on track.

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When is the right time to incorporate?

You should strongly consider incorporating as soon as you’re freelancing for more than 25% of your time working or your revenue.

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How to collect an unpaid fee from your client

If you find yourself dealing with wage theft, there are options and tools at your disposal to get paid and keep your business running.

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Why freelancers can’t approach money with an “employee” mindset

If you can forget the employee mindset and view your income like a business owner, you’ll have a more realistic view of your finances.

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A freelancer’s guide to hiring a lawyer

Too many freelancers avoid hiring a lawyer even when they need one. If you want your business to thrive, don't make that mistake.

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The unpredictable freelance life: expecting the unexpected

Preparing yourself ahead of time for an unexpected crisis can keep it from becoming too hot to handle.

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Passing for young-ish: Aging in the workplace

I was passed over time and again by companies interested in hiring younger employees, paying them less, and managing them more easily. Here's what I did.