Jan 27, 2020

Meet Rafael Espinal, the next Executive Director of Freelancers Union

Rafael Espinal is the next Executive Director of Freelancers Union.

Apr 6, 2016

How to tell your interviewer you're awesome – without sounding like a jerk

Ugh, interviews. Could there be anything more uncomfortable than the archetypal “Tell me about yourself”? It’s a loaded question, isn’t it? Our ‘selves’ are wildly variable. Should we…

Apr 4, 2016

Grow your business with a little help from your friends

Usually when business leaders talk about “growth” we assume they mean higher revenues. But higher revenues are usually the result of growth, rather than growth itself. Your job is to…

Apr 4, 2016

Do you need to file a tax extension?

If you haven’t filed your federal income tax return yet, then panic. Hide. Run for the hills. After all, you know that the April 18 deadline is approaching faster…

Apr 1, 2016

5 truths of all top-level freelancers

The road to top-level freelancing isn’t paved with copy-cat formulas and fool-proof strategies (they don’t exist). It takes a strong will, excellent business sense, and a deep understanding…