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Interview horror stories: The "lunch" meeting

When there's food on the table... but not for you!

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The traveling freelancer: tips for working on-the-go!

Your bags are packed. Your passport is in hand. And your project is due in three hours. Many freelancers find themselves called upon to work as they travel – but with…

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The 5 'F's' of freelancing

Working on your own is a lot of things to a lot of people. And yes, there are definitely days that make you want to just drop a 10 dollar…

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How to support your freelance writer friends

Much in the way that you would care differently for a human baby than you would, say, an iguana or, like, a fern, the gloves with which you handle the…


The bad freelancer's guide to interview etiquette

Interviews! A stressful process, during which we often find ourselves at sea: what’s polite? What’s too pushy? What’s assertive, but not aggressive? What’s aggressive, but in…