Top ten signs that your summer is over (freelancers edition)

Your impending deadlines cause you to break into a cold sweat whenever you hear a Back-to-School commercial featuring the word “homework”. You find yourself silently judged for eating ice cream…


10 signs you're multitasking way too much

The glow from the number of active screens in your home means you neglect to notice you haven't bought a lightbulb since 2014. You find you're unable to brush more…

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Freelancing in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is literally lighting up innovation-- their LED installation Birmingham Lights is taking requests from nonprofits and institutions to change the light colors in historic downtown train stations to bring…

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The most important 'F' word

Speechwriters make our living with words, so we’re not usually at a loss for them. But recently I turned a group of speechwriters into a slack-jawed, inarticulate mess when…

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Interview horror stories: The "lunch" meeting

When there's food on the table... but not for you!