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Summer vacation is for freelancers too

If you're taking some time off this summer, pay attention to these three things.

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RSVP for a special Freelance Isn’t Free event

Join Sara Horowitz and other special guests at the Freelance Isn’t Free Launch Party on May 15 at LMHQ in New York City.


Business lessons from Paris Hilton (don’t laugh!)

Paris Hilton: reality TV star or trademark pioneer?


Your clock and your client's clock: can ever the twain meet?

Client’s Clock: “I’ll get back to you on that project.” Freelancer’s Clock: “I needed that information yesterday.” It doesn’t take long in the life of a…


Freelancing in Seattle: Freelancers zen out

Seattle has a long history of being a hub for creatives, and has been in the midst of a huge makeover as Silicon Valley has begun to expand into the…


The bad freelancer's guide to fall

Fall is my favorite season - especially as a freelancer! Why? 1. Back-to-school motivation Remember that feeling, as a kid, when you were facing a whole new academic year’s…


Perks of being a freelancer during an election season

Presidential elections are unruly animals, and they seem to become more feral and less easily housebroken every four years. The 2016 election season has been especially intense, of course, and…


Putting the fun back in freelancing

Freelancing can be hard. It is not unusual for freelancers to experience periods of overwhelming amounts of work followed by panic inducing lulls in business. And freelancers don’t just…


Top 10 reasons why Halloween is the perfect freelancer holiday

You can wear whatever ridiculous thing you want all day long, and nobody gets to say a word about it. You're perfectly free to eat candy all day long, and…

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Chicago freelancers tell their story through improv

Chicago has been named a current business hotspot, with diverse communities in a wide range of fields (ranging from tech startups to digital marketing) making a positive impact. As a…


On being taken "seriously" as a freelancer

Remember Rodney Dangerfield? He was the goofy-looking, freewheeling, “new money” life-of-the-party golfer in the movie “Caddyshack” – a great stand-up comic whose heyday was back in the 1980s, and who became…

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The backbone of New York Comic Con is YOU

Artists are the backbone of art. It’s that simple. No artists, no art. This doesn’t exclude anyone: fringe artists, trained artists, digital artists… Without artists, you have no…


How my best friend and I inspired each other's careers

Every freelance writer has a story to tell. I’ve read a lot of stories about how people ventured into freelance writing and they’re all unique. There are those…


How to clean your computer, keyboard and mouse

Proofreading is not fun. Submitting a carefully crafted project or pitch only to appear unprofessional due to keyboarding or formatting errors is even less fun. Although there is no substitute…


Top ten signs that your summer is over (freelancers edition)

Your impending deadlines cause you to break into a cold sweat whenever you hear a Back-to-School commercial featuring the word “homework”. You find yourself silently judged for eating ice cream…


10 signs you're multitasking way too much

The glow from the number of active screens in your home means you neglect to notice you haven't bought a lightbulb since 2014. You find you're unable to brush more…

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Freelancing in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham is literally lighting up innovation-- their LED installation Birmingham Lights is taking requests from nonprofits and institutions to change the light colors in historic downtown train stations to bring…

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The most important 'F' word

Speechwriters make our living with words, so we’re not usually at a loss for them. But recently I turned a group of speechwriters into a slack-jawed, inarticulate mess when…

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Interview horror stories: The "lunch" meeting

When there's food on the table... but not for you!