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On the mysteries of talent

Talented people sometimes think they don't need to work hard. They are wrong. Hard workers might think they don't have talent. They’re also wrong.

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How one freelancer balances passion and job security

An interview with photographer Celeste Noche on the importance of community and navigating the challenges of the freelance life.

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3 tips for creating compelling content

Content generation can be one of the most difficult things about freelance blogging. Here's how to come up with compelling ideas.

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The ideal office design for happy and creative professionals

Recent studies reveal the characteristics of an ideal workplace that can boost creativity and productivity and eliminate stress and distractions.

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Why your marketing strategy needs video

Strengthen your social media presence and reach more clients by engaging through live video.

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82 rules for all freelancers to live by, Part 2

Use these tips, insights and guidelines to keep your career moving forward.

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82 rules for all freelancers to live by, Part 1

Use these tips, insights and guidelines to keep your freelance career moving forward.

Creativity Advocacy

Cornell is looking for creative freelancers

Cornell is starting a focus group to help shape its new resource center for young creative workers.

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Take your skills to the next level with online learning

Nearly anything you need to learn is available online and on demand, at various skill levels and price points. Here’s an overview.

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Why entrepreneurs should embrace mistakes

Don’t feel guilty about making mistakes and don’t let the fear of failure stop you from making some more.

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Five tech essentials for freelancers

The ability to make money with a laptop is a wonderful thing, but when the technology goes wrong it can spoil your day. Here are five tips.

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How to get started with crowdfunding

Successful crowdfunding campaigns have some key elements in common.


The riskiness of writing about race in a colorblind society

It is interesting how and when things come back to us. I am currently rereading Ralph Ellison’s 1952 novel Invisible Man. I haven’t touched the book in years,…


3 smart ways musicians can protect their work

I am an entertainment attorney specializing in music, television, film and video, and have assisted countless artists in navigating the legal aspects of the music business. My new book, The…


Six ways to crush solopreneur burn out for good

As solopreneurs, we're either feeling guilty for not being busy, or we're in over our heads with work. Neither phase in the "feast or famine" work cycle is stress-free, which…


Create an outstanding brand with 5 psychology-based strategies

Do you want to learn how to get prospects to engage with your content? Of course you do! But it takes more than simply posting and hoping for the best.…


The ‘Right Time’ is the time you decide to make it right

Have you ever told yourself or someone else that you’re just waiting for the “right” time? I sure have. Many times. Certainly, there are better times than others to…


Why support systems are essential to freelance life

I live in a mid-size city that is known more for its sports prowess than it is known for its creative communities. I admit that I am slightly envious of…


The entrepreneur's guide to failure

“Fail fast, fail often” is an established mantra in the startup world. When creating a new business, every failed idea — every rejection, every roadblock — puts you one step closer to…