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Dealing with writer’s block (again)

Writers block can't be avoided, but you can develop coping strategies to help you beat it.

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4 tips for your email marketing strategy

It's important to make email a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

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4 ways to get work by nagging clients (nicely)

It pays to stay top-of-mind. Here’s how to do it the right way.

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What’s stopping you?

Tips for newly minted Entrepreneurs.

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12 useful apps for remote working

With the help of these apps, working remotely can be easier than ever.

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When to say no and move forward as a freelancer

Cutting the cord with a client can free up your space and clear your stress level to focus in on another client you love.

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If you're going to work for free, be smart about it

When you're starting out, work for free but use your business brains while you’re at it.

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What intellectual property rights are (and how to protect them)

Protect your business by understanding intellectual property rights.

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5 facts about freelancing that may surprise you

A new meta-study of freelancing reveals some surprising facts about independent workers.

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The 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers

Tech dominates Upwork's list of the top 20 in-demand skills for freelancers.

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How to get rid of your fear of freelancing instability

While a fear of instability might never fully go away, there’s plenty you can do to reduce it.

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Join us for a webinar on landing ideal clients!

Learn to market yourself strategically in our August 15 webinar.

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4 ways to build a personal brand that separates you from the pack

Building an authentic and multifaceted personal brand will separate you from the pack and help you land new opportunities.

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Land more clients by following these 5 steps

Follow these steps to start landing more clients through effective pitching

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Can love be the guiding force of your business?

Love and passion just don’t seem to belong in a discussion about business practices. But shouldn’t they?

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Why you should ask your friends to 'Like' your Facebook Page

Increase activity on your Facebook page by inviting your friends with a personal touch.

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How to choose your perfect freelance project

Avoid time-consuming and unrewarding tasks by evaluating each project.

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Best practices to get your day (or whenever you are at your best) started

Productivity starts the day before. As you round out your day's assignments, prioritize your focus for tomorrow.

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5 tips for freelancers who are thinking about ghostwriting

Ghostwriting can be an interesting and lucrative form of freelancing that too many people sleep on.