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Why Facebook Groups should be an important element of your social strategy

Especially with changes to the Facebook newsfeed, Facebook Groups should be a part of every freelancer's social media strategy.

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It’s not just a Hollywood problem: Freelancers and sexual harassment

Unfortunately there is no clear, uniform pathway for addressing workplace sexual harassment for freelancers.

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5 tips for securing financial stability as a freelancer

Being independent doesn’t have to mean giving up financial security. Set up recurring payments and invest in business development to keep income flowing.

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Think B2B and B2C marketing doesn’t matter for freelancers? Think again

Even if you only freelance on the side, you still can benefit from content marketing.

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Get accountable (so you don’t feel like a slacker)

Accountability will pay off immensely for your freelance business.

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7 habits of successful freelance writers

Successful freelance writers have these things in common.

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Work from home? Develop these habits

Here are some “hacks" to efficiently and effectively work from home.

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How a stay-at-home dad found success as a freelancer

Nate has figured out how to work on projects that are purposeful and profitable without compromising his family life.

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5 steps to successfully pitch an idea to your dream client

Here are 5 ways you can dramatically increase your chances of successfully pitching an idea to your dream client.

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How one freelancer balances passion and job security

An interview with photographer Celeste Noche on the importance of community and navigating the challenges of the freelance life.

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The grieving freelancer: a lesson from a typo and my dog’s death

What a typo and a dog's passing can teach us about letting go of mistakes.

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3 tips for creating compelling content

Content generation can be one of the most difficult things about freelance blogging. Here's how to come up with compelling ideas.

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Find your purpose in re-purposing

Save time and money by re-purposing your content for new audiences.

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Fine-tune your social media presence with a minimalist approach

Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself to help discover the best social media platform for your business.

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Don't pass up a marketing opportunity

Everything you do that is visible to the outside world is marketing.

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Every day is a new opportunity for growth

Stop comparing yourself to others and start enjoying the journey.

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5 productivity tips and tools

When you’re used to life at a big company, going solo can be challenging. Here are five tips for better productivity.

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5 steps for finding your unique voice

With a personal brand, you don't need to wait for people to choose you. But first you need to find your unique voice.

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Why I’m rejecting the “hustle” mindset

We expect success to be the result of sweat and tears and outrageous hours, but does it have to be that way?

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How to respond when invited to speak…for free

Should you take an unpaid speaking gig or not?