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How to handle a dissatisfied client

Freelancers are bound to run into occasional misunderstandings with clients. Here's how to resolve issues effectively.

Clients & Gigs

5 ways to build your brand without being an extrovert

Growing your brand presence doesn't have to mean putting yourself out there on social media.

Clients & Gigs

7 lessons freelancers can learn from the Fyre Festival

Fyre Festival was a Millennial Pink-tinged scam gig for the ages. Here's how independent workers can avoid the next one.

Clients & Gigs

How to use every spare 15 minutes to grow your business

Every slot on your day planner is an opportunity to network, research, learn, and boost your brand.

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How to take your photography skills from good to great

Getting to the next level as a photographer is about more than technical skills. Here's how to find your niche, sharpen your focus, and truly communicate.