Clients & Gigs

Sep 01, 2021

How to stand out in a sea of freelancers

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Aug 30, 2021

8 freelance interview tips that will get you the gig

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Aug 24, 2021

4 ways to build relationships with hiring managers and get more jobs

Referrals and return clients are the most reliable ways for freelancers to get work. Here's how to keep them coming back.

Aug 03, 2021

How freelance writers can protect their copyright — and why it matters

Retaining ownership of your work can mean bigger paydays down the road.

Jul 20, 2021

Issues facing freelance writers in 2021: Copyright protection

Some issues that freelancers face are universal — things like getting paid on time, navigating taxes and managing your career. Freelance writing comes with its own challenges, from copyright and contract…