Why Freelancing Ain’t Free (Nor Should It Be)

When I discovered that Ebony, one of the most iconic Black magazine outlets was allegedly not paying some of its writers, my mouth, literally, dropped.

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9 ways to thrive in a business famine

Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelance contractor, or in between jobs, there may be times when you find yourself in a business famine.

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4 keys to successful networking

Networking is not always the most comfortable activity. Here are four tips for being a successful networker.

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How to get started with crowdfunding

Successful crowdfunding campaigns have some key elements in common.

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How a “marathon” mindset can help lower your freelance tax bill

Freelancers who have a “marathon” mindset tend to have the fittest and most successful businesses—and lower tax bills.

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The pros and cons of working from home

Before you leave your 9-5 to freelance from home or start scouring job boards for remote opportunities, consider these pros and cons of working at home.

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How to shift your mindset from "freelancer" to "entrepreneur"

Entrepreneurship is your golden ticket to move far and beyond freelancing.


Business lessons from Paris Hilton (don’t laugh!)

Paris Hilton: reality TV star or trademark pioneer?

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4 tips for boosting your freelance job hunt

How to make the most of the wild and wacky world of freelance job boards.

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Sara in the LA Times: We need tax reform for freelancers

Tax day is a painful moment for many Americans. And for freelancers, it’s even more painful still. Freelancers know they have to deal with tax chores that their nine-to-five,…


Here's to the ones who dream

On the penultimate episode of GIRLS, Lena Dunham's (now pregnant) character, Hannah Horvath, faces a question most creatives confront at some point in their New York City careers: Is it…


Save the date: May 15 is only a month away!

Good news, freelancers: On Monday, May 15, the Freelance Isn't Free Act becomes law in New York City. We're psyched to have more protections for freelancers – and hope that with…


The riskiness of writing about race in a colorblind society

It is interesting how and when things come back to us. I am currently rereading Ralph Ellison’s 1952 novel Invisible Man. I haven’t touched the book in years,…


3 smart ways musicians can protect their work

I am an entertainment attorney specializing in music, television, film and video, and have assisted countless artists in navigating the legal aspects of the music business. My new book, The…

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Is the customer really always right?

As a customer, I love the old adage, “The customer is always right.” As a freelancer, I am not as enamored with it. In fact, I find that if one…


Six ways to crush solopreneur burn out for good

As solopreneurs, we're either feeling guilty for not being busy, or we're in over our heads with work. Neither phase in the "feast or famine" work cycle is stress-free, which…

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Why automation is essential to any freelance career

Being a freelancer comes with a laundry list of business administrative duties. While you may have gotten into freelancing to focus on delivering your best work to clients, doing daily…

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4 ways to find the perfect gig in the online dating age

A few years ago when I entered the dating pool after being out of it for ten year, people were dating differently—everyone was online and I couldn’t figure…

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4 ways to attract better paying clients

Who are the clients you naturally gravitate towards? In my experience as a business coach for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs, I’ve learned that graphic designers, website designers, and photographers…