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Branding for freelancers: It’s not a dirty word

Branding starts by asking questions about who you are, what you do, and who you want to work with.

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Are you ready for the future of freelancing?

The more diverse your skill set, the more opportunities you'll have. Here's how to prepare for the future of freelancing.

Money & Taxes

Give. Me. Mah. Mo-NAYYYY.

There are a lot of benefits to being an independent worker. Chasing money isn't one of them.

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Don’t stop sharing what you know

Keep sharing what you know and you may be repaid tenfold.

How to make sure your freelance business is safe from a cyberattack

Learn from the recent cyberattack and take these steps to protect your business.

Advocacy Community

Share your solidarity for a chance to win legal advice!

Show your solidarity with a picture of the new Freelancers Union App for a chance to win free legal advice!

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3 freelance writing defense strategies

It’s hard to get a writing gig—much less a full time writing job. But it's important to draw the line against unreasonable demands.

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Study: Freelancers say they’re happier since going independent

AND CO releases report uncovering the unique behaviors and motivations of the booming independent workforce.

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Living and working abroad? Here’s what you need to know about filing your freelance taxes

Freelancing outside of the United States can be a wonderful experience but it is essential to know your tax obligations.

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How to leverage your past experience for a new position

Leverage your experience and proof points when you’re moving on to the next job.

Sara's dispatches

Your union has your back

The next labor movement starts with freelancers.

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Download the Freelancers Union app!

Download the Freelancers Union app to choose from a curated selection of lawyers who are committed to serving freelancers like you.

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Common myths that hold freelancers back from succeeding

Don't let these common freelancing myths hold you back.

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Personal branding for introverts

Introverts often fail to get recognition they deserve because they don't bring attention to themselves. There is an art to bragging about accomplishments.

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How to avoid burnout

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to hit a wall. The key is to come up with coping strategies to help you deal with it.

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Take your skills to the next level with online learning

Nearly anything you need to learn is available online and on demand, at various skill levels and price points. Here’s an overview.

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Are you playing the wrong game?

When it comes to acquiring new clients, most professional service providers are playing “the game” in the wrong way.

Money & Taxes

How to save time and money with expense tracking

Expense tracking can seem like a huge undertaking, but it can save you a lot of time, money, and effort when it comes time to file taxes.

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5 questions to help you define your brand

Here are five questions to help you figure out how to position yourself as a freelancer in order to get more clients.