The ultimate tax guide for freelancers

Feb 20, 2015

Freelancers are often (rightfully) confused about how and when to pay their taxes.

But fear not, fellow new economy pioneer! Here’s a compendium of all the many resources from veteran freelancers and tax experts we’ve gathered over the years. Bookmark it. Also, check out Sara Horowitz's new e-book, The Freelancers Union Guide to Taxes for answers to your burning tax questions!

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For first-timers and I-just-kind-of-fell-into-this freelancers:

How to set up your business and pay taxes

How to read your 1099 and other FAQs

7 Tax tips for first time freelancers

Sole proprietorship? LLC? S Corp? How to pick what's best for your business & taxes

Filing taxes for your S-Corp or C-Corp business

Check out tax tips from our freelance tax workshop in March.


Also known as “the only good thing about self-employment taxes,” deductions help reduce your taxable income:

The ultimate tax deductions guide

Turn business start-up costs into your tax advantage

The skinny on home office deductions


April 15 is no longer the only date you need to remember. Most freelancers have to pay quarterly taxes -- so you have to send a check to Uncle Sam on April 15, June 15, September 15, and January 15.

Quarterly tax guide

So you're thinking about not paying your taxes...

Getting Organized: Resources and receipts

Employees get W2s. Freelancers get piles of receipts, a dozen 1099s, and a bunch of new tax forms. These resources will help tame the paper.

How to get organized for every tax season

How to keep track of receipts

10 Apps for busy freelancers: contracts, accounting, etc.

What’s New for 2015?

If taxes weren’t complicated enough, they change every year.

What the ACA means for your taxes

Watch out! 11 tax changes that might affect your 2015 return

What freelancers need to know about taxes and health insurance

Special situations

For uncommon tax situations.

What freelancers living abroad need to know about taxes

Taxes in the sharing economy

Fresh start on taxes (if who can't pay what you owe)

Sales and use tax: 7 facts freelancers need to know

If that didn't answer your questions...

Put it in the comments and we may write a post about it!