Everything you need to know about freelancing: Master FAQs

May 19, 2014

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Need to know something about freelancing? Need to get inspired? Here is a giant list of things to keep you educated and motivated to live a well-rounded freelance life.

We will update this continually as more posts are released.

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Getting Started

How to start freelancing (without quitting your day job)
Fake it til you make it - how to take on work you can't do (yet)
4 questions to ask yourself before going freelance
What did you learn in your first year of freelancing?
12 signs you're ready to go freelance
What I wish I knew about the freelance life before I started

Getting Paid

How to make more money freelancing through multiple revenue streams
How to get paid what you're worth
5 reasons freelancers undercharge for their work
How to raise your freelance rates
Hourly rate or project fee?
What all freelancers should know about small claims court
What to do when a client doesn't pay: 10 rules to live by

Connecting with Freelancers

How mentoring can give your career a fresh perspective
How to start subcontracting
Great freelancers ask for help
3 tips for swapping goods and services
15 ideas for your next freelance act of kindness
16 ways freelancers can help one another
3 ways to strengthen your connections

Finding Clients

Winning Clients: How to win the client of your dreams
Do your homework: How freelancers avoid bad clients
How to begin getting clients
How to find good paying gigs online
7 places to find clients right now
How to land freelance clients with keywords and numbers
How to avoid scams
How to find hot startup jobs
Should freelancers work with a staffing or temp agency

Client Relationships
How to set boundaries with your clients
3 ways to make your freelance clients love you
What to do when your friend becomes your client
3 kinds of things that clients say that make you crazy
Why is getting paid by clients always so difficult?
7 ways to get repeat freelance clients
How to communicate effectively with clients
What to do when your client is slow to respond
What freelanceers can do when a client is wrong
5 tips for dealing with micromanagers
Why honesty and criticism are good for your freelance business
The get and give: Freelance strategies for dealing with criticism


Coping with burnout: New study reveals what works and what doesn't
5 ways to beat freelance cabin fever
Work healthy, stay healthy
How to get ahead by resting up
How dreaming makes you more creative
5 tips for coping with freelance isolation
Beat stress with the 3 B's
5 stress-busting tips for a happier, saner freelance life
How to start working again after vacation
5 simple ways freelancers tell us they manage stress
How to do freelance work on vacation

Internet marketing

How actions speak louder than words - even on social
How to land freelance work with social media
How to use social media to stay on top of your marketing game
You should have a blog
How to find freelance gigs on linkedin?
How to find gigs on twitter
How to land and keep clients with Email marketing
11 ways to stop prospects from trashing your email
Stop working out of your inbox
Getting started with google analytics: A beginner's guide
4 reasons clients can't find your freelance business online
3 tips for better online content
Why a good logo is important (even for freelancers)
4 client attracting websites and why they work
How to sell physical products online
How to take great amateur headshots

Lists of Tools and Resources

The top 5 podcasts for freelancers
10 best design blogs for freelancers
The best 25 blogs for freelancers
5 best portfolio sites for freelancers
5 best sites for teaching courses online
11 funny and unique lorem ipsum generators
5 free alternatives to Photoshop
7 best add-ons for Google Docs
4 games that make you a better entrepreneur
The best project management tools for freelancers
The 8 best pens for writing
6 invoice apps for freelancers
10 great apps for busy freelancers
Cool green apps that help you shop ethically

Finance and budgeting

Creating a personal budget and sticking to it
How to budget with a fluctuating income
How to save for retirement
3 steps to freelancing with financial stability
Planning for growth: It starts on day one
4 ways banking can boost your freelance business
5 easy ways to keep track of receipts


Ultimate Tax Guide for freelancers
What to do if you can't pay your taxes
What freelancers living abroad need to know about taxes
How to read your 1099 and other FAQs
How to set up your freelance business and pay taxes
Six critical questions to ask yourself when filing taxes
Tax deductions guide for freelancers and the self-employed
The skinny on home office deducations
How to get organized for every tax season
Tax and financial planning strategies for freelancers

Lessons from Great Creatives

Horriffically helpful freelance advice from Neil Gaiman
3 things entrepreneurs can learn from JK Rowling
What Virginia Woolf can teach us about creativity
4 things all freelancers can learn from Bill Watterson
5 things entrepreneurs can learn from Sriracha
4 life lessons from the creator of The Simpsons
10 things you may not know about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Norman Rockwell on being an artist for hire, public opinion, and working from the gut
Ben Franklin: Best freelancer ever?
4 things freelancers can learn from George Harrison
Do art and do it for the rest of your lives: Kurt Vonnegut
John Updike on quieting your inner critic
Creativity is a remix: How Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games
6 ways Leonardo da Vinci makes us feel good about freelancing

The New Economy: Labor & Economics

Moving from consumption to connection
Why are we working more for less?
Freelancers are building the sharing economy
Employed? Unemployed? Not the right question
Freelancers, Let's own the next economy
What is New Mutualism
Gary Swart on the future of work
What the maker movement teaches us about building together
Share and share alike
Building freelance cities
From eco-friendly to freelancer-friendly
Finding balance in the new economy
5 dead people I want to talk to
The legacy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
The shutdown created problems. Workers created solutions.
Building the road to happiness
10 reasons co-ops rock
How to start a co-op
11 co-ops you didn't know were co-ops